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So, I haven't updated in a while, obviously. Year 12 is getting tougher and the work is really starting to pile up right now so I apologise for my absence (for anyone who might've missed me).

As always, I'm going to attempt to please the seething masses with new icons from a ressurrected fandom (Law and Order) and a wallpaper of Ryan Reynolds as 'Deadpool' in Xmen Origins: Wolverine that I have managed to make in what spare time I'm able to scrounge right now. :P Most of these stem from experimentations with gradients and colour.

Now, on with the show:

1 - 11: Det. Cyrus Lupo



And the wallpaper:

(Click for full size - dimensions 1280 x 800)

Year 12 and a Wallpaper

So, I've been suffering my way happily through the first 3 weeks of Year 12. It's not too bad so far - I have plenty of free lessons and the common room kicks ass. Myself and the rest of the grade have been raising money for the Victorian bushfire tragedy that occurred last Saturday and so far Years 7 - 12 have raised close to $1000 (AU) as well as brought in staggering amounts of clothing and toiletry donations. Unfortunately the collection point closest to the school is unable to take more donations at the current time, but we're sending the stuff off anyway and hopefully it will be as much help as the monetary donations made by people all over the country and from our neighbours in New Zealand, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, as well as relief workers kindly sent by the US.

Aside from homework, I have a moderately decent weekend ahead of me - sewing my new corporal's chevrons onto my cadet uniform (yes, I got promoted), doing a whole lot of maintenance for said uniform, and watching Pokemon with my little brothers. May also go see Transporter 3 with my Dad while my little sis and my younger friend from cadets go on a date this Valentine's day. Which is very cute and leaves me countless opportunities to tease them both for weeks to come. ;D

Finally, as I haven't been online much in the past couple of weeks, I did take some time to make a wallpaper or two. They are both from Resident Evil: Apocalypse. One features Jill Valentine, the other is of Carlos Olivera. Both were made in PS CS3. Enjoy. :)


(Click each image to see them in their full sizes)


"That's An Odd Place For A Bomb..."

Behold my latest and greatest work. I made this before the aforementioned promotions course last week but only just got the chance to upload it now.


Click for full image sizes!

This mix isn't particularly deep or meaningful: it's simply a collection of music that I thought suited the awesome gaming experience that is Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 - its characters, storyline, or just the feeling you get blowing away pixelated terrorists onscreen. There's every artist from Disturbed to Evanescence to Linkin Park, Rise Against, Three Days Grace, Drowning Pool, Papa Roach and more. Click the tracklist to see it in full. Each disc of the mix is uploaded in separate zip files.

Disc 1:


Disc 2: 

TBA (Mediafire is being a pain in the ass)

Made of Awesome?

Hello all. After not being able to post for the last month due to Christmas, my birthday, holidays, impending Year 12 homework and a promotions course run by the Army Cadets, I am finally making everyone aware of the highly important fact that I am actually still alive.

And as of January 27th, I am a corporal.

Which is awesome.

Allow me to explain. I have been a member of Cadets since June 6, 2007. I joined as an apprehensive, borderline antisocial teen with trust issues that to this day remain unresolved. However, now I am more popular, friendly, hardworking and easy-going than I've ever been before. It's great to be able to be so passionate about something worthwhile, especially when the work you put in pays off. As it has for me. Early last year I was placed on the shortlist for a group of cadets sent by their units to attend a 'Junior Leader's Course' that commenced Jan 9 and finished two days ago on the 16th. I was very honoured and yet very nervous to be selected by my home unit, and even more nervous when I actually rocked up at the course.

The first two days were tough, it must be said. I knew some people from previous Cadet camps, but the majority of our 63-strong junior's course was unknown to me. We were fed a LOT of information in a very short time from lieutenants, sergeants and even majors who had served in the regular army, and told we had to teach a formal lesson on drill (that is, like marching, turning, standing at attention, all that stuff). Whatever drill lesson we were given to teach had to be taught within 48 hours, off by heart, to a group of our fellow course members, and our directing staff would assess us.

It was pretty ugly to begin with, however, by the time I had to teach my lesson, I recieved a score of 88/100, the third highest for the course and the highest drill teaching score achieved by a female.

The rest of the camp was much easier. We had an assessment on the delivery of verbal orders, there were plenty of lessons on leadership, and we went on a navigation exercise that required the use of a compass and the ability to send a locstat via radio. In our free time, or which there was a surprising amount, we polished our boots or our brass, ironed and washed our uniforms, chatted and socialized, or wandered the barracks in our civilian gear with friends from the senior leader's course conducted in the same area.

Mealtimes were awesome - the food was fantastic, I ate whatever the hell I wanted and sat with whoever I pleased. No matter who you planted yourself next to, there was always a mate nearby and always a conversation you could engage in. No one was left out, kicked out, or left behind.

I achieved the second highest score for verbal orders delivery from the entire course, and again, the highest score for a female, and passed everything thrown at us. And while I didn't receive the award for Dux of the course during our final parade on Friday, a warrant officer, a lieutenant AND a major said I made it incredibly difficult for them to choose the winner. Turns out I was one of three names placed into a hat which were drawn at random to determine the recipient of the award.

So, now that I and my crapload of new mates passed our junior's courses, we now return to our units to apply our skills and await promotion by the officer in charge of our unit. However, I already know that my promotion will be almost immediate, as I discovered during a conversation with MY OC when he visited the training barracks earlier in the week.

And now I am about to be a corporal. Go me.

So, I made this fanmix a couple of weeks back, but didn't get around to making cover art until last night. Anyway, here it is: just a little School of Rock mix for my favourite characters, Freddy and Katie. Who I also ship. *shrugs*.

Hope you all enjoy it. Comments are great and please let me know if my linkage doesn't work and I'll try and reupload the zip. file. Click the images to see them in their full sizes.

Senses Fail - Bad Reputation (Freddy)

A guy can do what he wants to do
And that's what I'm gonna do.
I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation.

Dynamite Boy - I Want It That Way (Freddy/Katie)

But we
Are two worlds apart.
Can't reach to your heart
When you say
'I want it that way'.

Paramore - Stop This Song (Freddy/Katie)

Along to the sound of your song
My stupid feet keep moving.
This four-four beat
I'm in time with you...

Simple Plan - Jump (Freddy)

I don't wanna wake up today
Cause every day's the same
And I've been waiting so long
For things to change, I'm
Sick of this house
Sick of my job
Sick of my friends 'cause everyone's jaded
Sick of this place
I wanna break free
I'm so frustrated...

Yellowcard - Rough Landing, Holly (Freddy/Katie)

And still I can't get out
She's all I think about
Can't let her go,
It's who you know...
We came down to watch the world walk by
And all she found was trouble in my eyes...

Katy Perry - Self-Inflicted (Katie)

Remember when
I dove into the crowd
And I got a bloody knee?

With each scar there's
A map that tells a story
What a souvenir of
Young love's like
Jumping out an airplane
Riding a tidal wave.

Simple Plan - Promise (Freddy/Katie)

I promise
I won't let you down
You down
If you take my hand tonight.
I promise
We'll be just fine
This time
If you take my hand tonight.

Kisschasy - Strings and Drums (Freddy/Katie)

Turn your eyes to me
I am watching every move you make.
What should I wear today on my sleeve?

I will mix my tongue
With strings and drums
And give my soul away
Can you hear them come?
Strings and drums.

Flyleaf - Broken Wings (Freddy/Katie)

Thankyou for being
Such a friend to me.
Oh I'll be a friend for life.
But have I ever told you
How much you mean to me?

Simple Plan - Happy Together (Freddy/Katie)

Imagine me and you
I do.
I think about you day and night
It's only right.
To think about the girl you love...

Avril Lavigne - Fall To Pieces (Freddy/Katie)

I looked away
Then I looked back at you.
You tried to say
The things that you can't undo.

And I don't want to fall to pieces.
I just to sit and stare at you.
I don't wanna talk about it...

Yellowcard - Everywhere (Freddy/Katie)

'Cause you're everywhere to me
When I close my eyes, it's you I see
And it's everything I know that makes me believe
I'm not alone.
I'm not alone.

Zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/?ys5tdwdn3mh






That's right. Study.

For four and a half hours.

In case you missed that, that's FOUR AND A HALF HOURS!

End of year exams are just around the corner (like, literally - my first one is tomorrow) and they are the main reason that I don't update half as much as I said I would when I revamped my LJ earlier this year. So today, in the spirit of following up the minimum of two and a half hours a day I've spent studying for the last week, and the hour or so every day the week before that, I pulled a big one and worked my butt off all morning and some of the arvo.

Here's what I've spent MY day doing:

English - Poetry analysis revision and memorization of two poems, reviews of critical reading techniques, writing plans for essay questions revolving around Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'

Duration: 1.5 hours

Maths Applications - Redoing an in-class test that I only scraped an 'A' in the other day. You'll be pleased to know, this time I've blitzed it.

Duration: 30 mins

Geography - Recapping and practing basic mapping skills (grid references, cross-sections, identifying features on a map, all of which I actually don't mind), reviewing the concept and uses of Geographical Information Systems, and completing a page of notes I'm allowed to have in the exam to assist in the 1.5 page essay I have to write as part of the assessment.

Duration: 45 mins

Psychology - Revising parts of the brain and their respective functions, revising prosocial behaviour and aggression.

Duration: 30 mins

Chemistry - reviewing 15 pages of notes on just about everything I've learnt this year, but mostly Acids and Bases, Solubility of Ionic Compounds and Electrochemistry (which, btw, is nowhere near as interesting as it sounds)

Duration: 45 mins

P.E - Revising energy systems and how they work, and the circulatory system. Probably the easiest exam I'll have, and it's the one that's last.

Duration: 30 mins.

...Hands up who had a more enjoyable day than me!

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...

And you guys have to wait too bloody long. So here's the graphic stuff I promised. :)

Icons (Resident Evil, RE: Extinction):
1 - 5: Mikey/Kmart
6 - 7: Carlos/Kmart
8 - 14: Carlos/Claire
15 -16: Chad Kaplan (the most adorable dork in the history of dorks)
17 - 18: Rain Ocampo
19 - 22: Rain/JD

1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7. 8.
9. 10. 11.

And a Mikey/Kmart Header/Banner/Thing:

Hope y'all like them. I know it doesn't seem like a lot for three weeks, but I made a Carlos/Claire vid that I was going to put up on here until I realised there would be this huge damn watermark right in the center of it.

I was not impressed, let's just say. Much cursing ensued.

In other news, I have a fandom ship list that needs updating as far as the RE film franchise is concerned. When I first became obsessed with RE, Rain/JD was all I had. Then I watched and purchased the other two as well, and here's what happened...


Resident Evil:
Rain Ocampo/JD Salinas (An OTP)
Chad Kaplan/Alice (just a vague little thing I noticed whilst rewatching the first film the other day. Meh.)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse:
Jill Valentine/Peyton Wells
Jill Valentine/Nicholai Ginovev (WHY OH WHY DID HE HAVE TO GET KILLED OFF?!)

Resident Evil: Extinction:
Carlos Olivera/Claire Redfield (Another OTP)
Carlos Olivera/Kmart (no, I'm not being gross, I just think her crush on him that Alice mentioned in the deleted scenes is cute as hell. Sue me.)
Mikey/Kmart (More cute. Plus he's an Aussie, lol)
Betty/Otto (If you want me to explain this, ask in a comment. It's too complex for me to write out here).

Am I insane or am I onto something with these? I can't ship canon, because it bores the crap out of me, but fanon is my poison of choice. Please comment if you want to discuss any of the above pairings - I'd love to talk CRACK with any of you.

Especially you, Dannii. I know you're out there. ;)


Yes, I know I haven't posted in a while. My bad. I've been away on numerous camps and I have very limited net access during the school hols, so there. Not a very good excuse, but whatevs.

Hopefully I will have some new stuff to show off here soon, although my iconing has gone down the tube a bit due to homework and a horrifically insufficient amount of textures and interesting brushes to use. I shall rectify this ASAP, and get to work on some more enjoyable content for my posts.

Once again, sorry for not being around. If anyone has been waiting for my return...which I doubt. :P

So This Took Awhile...

...I'm sorry. My home internet no longer wants to work on my laptop and so I am forced to steal a few minutes here and there on my mother's office computer. Not cool.

Anyway, I have my next lot of JD Salinas icons, although they aren't quote-based like I said they'd be. Again, my apologies. Hopefully they're still ok.

Also, I have two RvB fanon WPs that I made recently. One is Tex/York, and the other is for a potential fictional pairing between North Dakota and a character created by my friend Irishelf7175 of Roosterteeth forum infamy. With any luck, you pplz that read this will like them even if you're not an RvB fan.

Well, enjoy - time for me to go burn some fat on the exercise bike...yay...


And the WPs (in their glorious 1280 x 800 dimensions):

North Dakota and Indiana

York and Tex

I can't get full siz hosting to work on here. If you want them in their proper formats, just comment and I'll find a site to put them on so you can see them properly.


More Iconage!

Okay, next lot of JD Salinas icons here for the taking. Rules, warnings, ratings, comment/credit stuff is all the same as it usually is. Enjoy, pplz.

Themes 24 - 33:


My next lot will probably be quote based, so stay tuned for further riveting icon brilliantness next week.

Also, to anyone that cares, I am one of the main players in a brand new Role Play based entirely on the Freelancers from the RvB universe. While me and my fellow RPers will be portraying canon characters from the series such as Tex, Wyoming, York, Washington, South and even North Dakota, the majority of the cast will be made up of the other non-canon, or at least unencountered Freelancers that we've created ourselves.

I will be playing Agent Nevada, Agent West Virginia, Agent Delaware, and occasionally Wash. I did also create Agents Utah and Nebraska, but they're so heavily based on Rain and JD from Resident Evil that I decided to avoid a lawsuit and leave them be, save a mention here or there.

So sue me.




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